Decorating Your $HOME

Decoration Your $HOME

After my Alpine Linux Encrypted Disk Installation, I wanted to import quickly the account customizations I maintain via dotter. Problem was, I had no recollection of how to do so. After I bit of tinkering I got to where I wanted to be but I figured I'd write it down for next time. Here's goes.

Since all the repositories are maintained in my-repos, that is the first thing you need to set up.

vcsh init my-repos
vcsh my-repos remote add origin
vcsh my-repos pull origin master

Use the SSH form of the remote if you plan on committing things. No need to fret, it can be changed easily later if need be with

vcsh my-repos remote set-url origin

Next, you will need to make the desired modules available. Assuming all are desired, that looks like

cd ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/my-repos
mkdir enabled.d
for d in available.d/*; do ln -s ../$d enabled.d/; done

Feel free to modify things below enabled.d/ after this and before you update all enabled modules with

mr up

There you have it. Your account has been seeded with dotter customizations.


If some of the files provided by the dotter customizations already exist in your $HOME, you will get failures when running mr up. Move the existing files out of the way, rerun mr up and reconcile the differences.