GitHub User Pages

I created a repository for my GitHub User Pages ten days ago. I only "set up shop" three days ago and pushed my site for the first time today. What took me so long?

Making up my mind. Sure, I could have done that before creating the repository. As a matter of fact, I did. I was going to use a Jekyll backed site and have GitHub do the publishing for me. That is, until I did a web-search on the difference between Jekyll categories and tags. From one thing came another. The search results made me take a look at JekyllBootstrap, which in turn had me head over to the ruhoh documentation. Another web-search, on Jekyll versus ruhoh, led me to a post that mentioned Pelican and more.

Digesting all that information and trying out a couple of things took some time. Before I really knew it more than a week had gone by. I had changed my mind and chosen another static site generator.