GitLab Pages with Nikola

GitLab Pages with Nikola

The announcement of GitLab Pages piqued my interest. I had set up GitHub Pages about two years ago. Not happy with giving up the control of the rendering via GitHub's Jekyll, I had used Pelican for my pages. That led to an awkward workflow with two branches, one containing the sources, the other the static site. Both were managed with ghp-import.

The GitLab Pages promised rendering via GitLab CI. That means that the whole rendering process is under the user's control. A quick look through the example projects shows that both Jekyll and Pelican are supported, as well as a growing pile of other static site generators.

Since it had been two years since I first set up my GitHub Pages, I had a look at a few of the examples. A web search on static site generators turned up even more. I was curious about Nikola. At the time of my search it was not yet listed among the examples. I did find a merge request though, and from one thing came another.

Suggested a fix for the locale issue, suggested a way to improve build times and finally ended up building my own Docker Nikola image.

Now, I'm off exploring Nikola. Interesting findings should make it to this blog, eventually.