Is Anybody Reading T&Cs?

The Norwegian Consumer Council is. Or rather, they were, because they have finished reading the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of thirty-three popular mobile phone apps. It took a whopping 31 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds to read the more than 250,000 words of the apps' T&Cs.

Thirty-three, well 32.5 to be precise, is the average number of apps Norwegians have installed (as of March 2013). That's a bit more than the global average of 26.2 and less than the 36.4 in Japan.

Why did the Consumer Council bother? They wanted to make a point. Nobody can be expected to have read all those terms, let alone understood those tomes of legalese, before clicking that "Accept" button. Yet, at the same time, clicking that button often gives the app vendors the rights to do pretty much anything they please. All that is often needed is a change of the T&C without notice. You've probably accepted that.

Don't like that and other onslaughts on your freedom and privacy? Let the Norwegian Consumer Council know. Change has got to start somewhere.